Grey Elephant Cubbie

$50.00 incl GST

‘Elle’ the elephant is on safari and would love to settle down and make a new home at your place. Elle features a smooth, plush grey body, long trumpeting trunk and big floppy elephant ears.

Ready to be personalised any way you like

Suggested embroidery colours:

GIRLS: Pink, light pink, purple, light purple, bright blue, mint green, orange

BOYS: Royal blue, navy blue, bright blue, bright green, mint green, red, orange

Size: 45cm

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Embroidery Colours

3 colours are recommended for most designs, depending on the details in your design. If left blank we will use our ‘usual’ default colours that suit the animal and occasion.


Tell us what you would like on your Cubbie and let us create a special design just for you.

We will send you a draft of the design layout for your Cubbie to your nominated email address for approval. Please reply to approve the draft design or let us know if you require any changes to the design.

When you receive the draft, please make sure you double check all details and spelling before submitting approval. There are no refunds or exchanges based on customer error in providing incorrect details.


All Cubbies come with a complementary neck ribbon. To avoid hazards to small children, please remove ribbon before giving to child.

Cubbies are washable, making them ideal for kids. Simply unzip their bottom and remove the stuffing pods from tummy and head. Handwashing your Cubbie is recommended. When the body is dry, simply insert the stuffing pods and zip back up.